What’s Your Natural Hair Color, and How Does Knowing Help You Determine Which Color Looks Best on You?

Hair is so amazing! It’s one of the only tissues on a human body that can keep regenerating our entire life. We brush it, cut it, style it, and even play with it. So, how does hair grow, and what’s your natural hair color?

Give Me the Scoop on How Hair Grows

Hair growth is a lot more complicated than you think. There are four phases to an individual hair’s growth cycle, and each hair on your head is in its own stage. Your hair grows during the anagen phase, and stays in this phase the longest.

Then, your body signals your hair to detach from your hair follicle through shedding, and your hair follicle enters into a resting phase before it starts to grow hair again.

What’s Your Natural Hair Color?

Obviously, genetics play a big part in what your natural hair color is, but a special part of your hair follicle called the bulge is responsible for delivering color to your hair.

The bulge of your hair follicle is located in the middle of the follicle. It stores the melanin that provides you with your natural color. As you grow older, the bulge stores less and less melanin, causing your hair to turn grey or white.

Hair Care Is Really About Hair Texture

You can’t really let your natural hair color shine if it isn’t healthy to begin with. Take time to get to know your hair texture, and choose hair products that enhance it’s natural beauty.

Skip harsh shampoos, and don’t use thick, sticky, hair styling products.

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