Hair color for men is truly catching on in 2021, and there are a lot of trends to consider if you’re thinking about updating your ‘do. If you need inspiration for what to do with your hair next, check out the top men’s hair color styles of this year!

Perfectly Pale

Colors like icy platinum, pale pink, and subtle violet are all on trend in 2021. These colors look great with a variety of cuts and compliment many skin tones.

Subtly Sun-Streaked

The heavily frosted hair of the early 2000’s is not coming back anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean a few well-placed blonde streaks in your hair can’t be enjoyed. They brighten your complexion and look very natural.

Multidimensional Brown

Brown with a lot of subtle highlights and lowlights looks absolutely radiant. This new trend in men’s hair color looks natural and easily transitions into fall.

Chocolate Brown

Looking for something a little sultrier? Try a dark chocolate brown with subtle blonde and light brown highlights.


Dramatic and bold color styles like dragon hair, neon green, and denim blues are popular for men in 2021. Choose to go flashy with bright colors, or go a bit more masculine with darker colors.

Whatever You Want

After 2020, this year is the year to start your own trend. Now more than ever, you need to make style choices that make you happy. Ready to try orange? Time to try silver? Go for it!

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