Where Is the Safest Hair Salon in Columbia, Maryland for a Cut and Style?

It’s no secret – we are living in a new normal. Social distancing is essential to everyone’s health. However, you really need a haircut, color, wax, the whole works! It’s time to adjust, and safely get the hair services you need.

You definitely need help finding the right salon for you. Check out what the safest hair salon in Columbia, Maryland is doing to keep you safe.

We’re Masking Up

Masks are important for keeping everyone safe and healthy. Not only are we wearing masks, but we’re requiring you to wear a mask, too. Look, there’s no way to get a haircut or wax without getting close to your stylists.

So, let’s do everything we can to protect each other while still getting 2021’s hottest hairstyles.

Our Salon Is Super Clean

We’re taking great care to wipe down every surface possible. You can be sure that all chairs, counters, bathrooms, and everything else in between is thoroughly disinfected.

Our Staff is Healthy

We make sure that every person working is healthy. No one is allowed to work if they have a fever, cough, or any other signs of a contagious illness. On top of that, our staff is constantly washing and sanitizing their hands to ensure your safety.

Our Staff Cares About You

We always use the safest products possible, and we are doubling down on disinfecting our styling tools and utensils. We make sure our staff are always updated on the latest policy changes, and educated on how to keep you safe in our salon.

Patrick’s Hair Design Is the Safest Hair Salon in Columbia, Maryland

Visit the safest hair salon in Columbia, Maryland. You can trust us to give you gorgeous hair, plus a wonderful, safe experience. Feel free to contact us today at 410-730-1700 to book an appointment or for any further questions about your health and safety.