Pandemic Haircuts

Many people have been waiting for salons to re-open since the pandemic hit. Client’s have been patiently waiting to get their first coronavirus hair services after being quarantined for months.

During this time it is very important to continue to follow coronavirus prevention measures as much as possible to get your hair services safely.

Is Getting a Haircut Safe During COVID?

As salons re-open clients are asking themselves should I go get a haircut? Will I be safe doing so? Being so close to people right now can make you feel unease especially when getting your hair done.

Stylists are in such close proximity to their clients. While there is no way to completely eliminate risk-taking all possible precautions can help. So yes, clients can safely get hair services during the pandemic now that there is proper protocol to follow.

What to Expect at Salon’s

Salons now might look a bit different to limit risk. You should ask about your salon’s new policies. The salon should be following guidelines by the state or local health authorities.

Expect a different experience at the salon. Everyone’s temperature should be checked before entering the establishment. Some salons may ask you to fill out a questionnaire or sign a COVID-19 waiver. Everything should be spaced out six feet apart.

There should be fewer people in the salon at the same time now. There should be extra cleaning and sanitizing measures after each client’s appointment. Everyone should be wearing a mask in the salon. Some salons can offer touch-less payments. All of these measures are taken to eliminate too much interaction with other people.

Take Your Own Precautions

Experts say the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your stylist is to have everyone wear a mask at all times in the salon. Carry your own hand sanitizer and keep your distance.

Your visit to the salon will be a lot different than before, but keeping everyone safe should be top priority to keep salons open for business.

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