4 Tips on How to Reduce COVID in a Hair Salon Near Me

If there is one thing we’ve all learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that we need to protect each other. When you need cosmetic services like a haircut or an eyebrow wax, it’s important to know what to do.

Take a look at these four tips on how to reduce COVID in a hair salon near me.

  • Keep Using Your Mask

Cosmetic services require you to be near your stylist. There’s no way to wax your eyebrows or color and cut from across the room. Multiple studies have shown that wearing a mask reduces transmission of all communicable diseases like COVID, RSV, and influenza.

  • Look to Your Salon for Instruction

Your salon wants to protect their stylists just as much as they want to protect you. Call ahead and ask how to reduce COVID in a hair salon near me, and politely comply with their policies. With more people getting vaccinated, policies will change over time. So, stay current with your salon by checking in before you go.

  • Monitor How Your Area Is Doing With COVID-19 Rates

A good way to know how to keep you and your stylist safe from coronavirus is by knowing if your region has a high volume of community spread. If your area is suffering from a lot of cases, take extra precautions when you head into the salon.

  • Don’t Skip the Salon

It’s no secret that the coronavirus has taken its toll on small business. Your salon is dedicated to helping you stay safe and feel beautiful. Know that they are doing everything possible to ensure you don’t get sick.

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