Okay, at this point, we’re almost a year into the pandemic. So, if you still haven’t been to the salon, you’re probably ready for a haircut and maybe even want to change up your ‘do with color. Hair salons are open in many areas across the country, but does that mean that you’re fully out of harm’s way from coronavirus if you go? Here are some tips to help when wondering how to choose a hair salon during COVID.

But First, Is It Really Safe to Go to the Salon During a Pandemic?

While we can’t answer for all salons, it is generally safe to visit your salon during this time. We can truly assure you that here at Patrick’s Hair Design, we are going above and beyond the local and federal recommendations to help keep you safe. When choosing a salon in the midst of a pandemic, there are certain things you should look for to help make sure your visit is as safe as possible.

Here’s How to Choose a Hair Salon During COVID-19 Pandemic

The first thing you may want to check is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website, which offers tips in a post titled, “Deciding to Go Out.” Here, you will find information on what items you need when going out, as well as the potential risks. If you decide that you are ready to visit a hair salon, here’s what you should know.

The salon should have precautions in place based on recommended guidelines and requirements from governing agencies.

  • All staff should be wearing masks properly.
  • The workstations should be cleaned and sanitized before and after each guest.
  • Services should only be performed on one client at a time (your stylist should not have any other clients booked at the same time as you.)
  • Waiting areas should be empty

Additionally, to help protect others, if you are sick, you should stay home. Always wear a mask while you’re inside the salon.

The Bottom Line Is to Make Sure You Feel Comfortable in the Salon

If you book an appointment only to arrive at the salon and see that they’re not following safety recommendations, find a new salon that is, since you already know how to choose a hair salon during COVID.