Salons everywhere are reopening during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can finally get your look refreshed and feel like new again. However, haircuts aren’t essential and they do come with a certain risk of exposure.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to ride out the pandemic without visiting the salon. So, you’re probably wondering, how can I get the safest haircut in Columbia, Maryland?

Masking Is Still Super Important

You can’t practice social distancing with your stylist. So, if you want a safe haircut, you and your stylist absolutely must wear masks. There have been numerous studies that show wearing masks significantly cuts down on virus transmission. Let’s keep each other safe, and mask up!

Check Your Area’s COVID-19 Rates

If your area is experiencing extremely high community spread, it may be best to skip getting your haircut until rates drop. You can find your area’s coronavirus numbers through your local health department’s website. Ideally, you want your community to have a positivity rate below 5%.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask About Your Salon’s Safety Policies

Call and ask your salon about what they are doing to give you the safest haircut in Columbia. Be sure the salon you choose is well ventilated, the stylists wear masks, and everything is disinfected after each client.

Protect Yourself

In addition to wearing a mask, you can cut down on contact time with your stylist by doing things like washing your own hair before you go in or getting an all-over color instead of highlights. Be sure to wash your hands often and to avoid touching your face.

When Wondering How Can I Get the Safest Haircut In Columbia, Maryland, Contact Patrick’s Hair Design

At Patrick’s Hair Design excellent results and your safety are our top priority. Contact our salon at 410-730-1700 to book an appointment and ask any questions about your health and safety, such as how can I get the safest haircut in Columbia, Maryland. We’re happy to put your mind at ease and help you feel as safe as possible!