Hair Extensions in Columbia, Maryland 101: A Quick Guide on What You Need to Know

Gorgeous long hair is a sought-after look that is seldom gained naturally. Luckily, you can achieve this look without relying on genetics. Hair extensions in Columbia, Maryland are an excellent solution to lengthen your locks!

Hair services such as extensions can initially seem intimidating, but they don’t need to be. You have a lot of options when choosing the perfect extensions for your hair.

Different Types of Hair Extensions

There are several different types of hair extensions, including:

  • Clip-in
  • Sew-in
  • Micro-link
  • Glue-in
  • Tape

Which type you ultimately decide on is up to you and your preferences. Clip-in extensions are the easiest and least damaging, but aren’t permanently in your hair. Sew-in extensions are seamless and mostly permanent, but take more effort because they have to literally be sewn into braided cornrows.

Glue-in and micro-link extensions are similar in execution because they’re semi-permanently attached to natural hair via glue or heat. These extensions are the most damaging but can also be reused if cared for properly. Tape extensions are less permanent glue, micro, or sew-in options, and are attached by using a double-sided tape.

The other decision to make when choosing hair extensions in Columbia, Maryland is what your extensions are made from. They can be fabricated with synthetic materials or made with human hair. Although synthetic is less expensive, it’s generally advised to choose human hair because it blends better with your natural hair and lasts longer with proper care.

Maintenance and Care for Hair Extensions in Columbia, Maryland

Your hairdresser will go over specific care instructions depending on the type of hair extensions you decided on. Generally though, you’ll want to make sure you wash and comb gently and thoroughly. With the right care and type, hair extensions can last up to a year. You’ll have to visit your hairdresser every four to eight weeks to reapply or position the extensions, too.

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