Looking for a new and great colorist can be nerve-wracking, because you are trusting someone with your hair appearance for the first time. You need to find the right colorist to execute your vision. So here are a few things you need to know before choosing that right person for you.

First you should look at pictures online to see what you like and what you don’t like. You should take into consideration the condition of your hair and the texture of your hair, before deciding what pictures you should take into your colorist.

Some very popular sites that clients go on to get hair ideas are Pinterest and Instagram.

These social media outlets have thousands of new trends to look at. You can also go on a salons website or their social media to see their current or past pictures of other clients hair color transformation.

Those pictures are a good indication of what you can expect from a perspective colorist. A good colorist should tell you what would look good on you and what will not look good on you. Based on your lifestyle, hair condition, texture of hair. You should feel comfortable with your colorist recommendations.

Next you should get a recommendation if you see someone on the street that you love their colors stop them and ask where they go. Or if you have a coworker, family member or friend that you like their color ask them for their colorist name and what salon they work at. Most colorist and stylist gain their clients through word-of-mouth. If you get referred by someone many salons also offer discounts for the recommendation.

So be sure to mention who gave you the referral.

Last you need to book an appointment. It is very important that you book an appointment. When you get a color service you want to make sure that the colorist has enough time with you, and you want to make sure you have enough time set aside from your normally daily tasks.

You can even book a consultation before your actual service. To see if the colorist and the salon is a perfect fit for you.