What Are This Year’s Best Colors and Highlights for Hair in 2021?

If you haven’t yet welcomed 2021 with open arms and new hair, now is the time! From bold colors to laid-back highlights, 2021 offers something for everyone. Take a look at this year’s best colors and highlights when it comes to hair design to see how you can give yourself an update!

Get Earthy with Mushroom Hair – One of the Best Colors and Highlights Trends in 2021

Mushroom hair color is a hot trend this year. This technique uses cool and earthy browns highlighted into an ash brown base. The result is a sophisticated, multidimensional look that resembles the underside of a mushroom.

This Highlight Is Money

The money piece is a face-framing highlight made by using the balayage technique. It’s a very low maintenance style that adds a pop of dimension and style. It works well with every face shape and accentuates facial features.

Time to Get Chunky

Chunky highlights are making a comeback! Celebrities have been sporting this updated look all over social media. These highlights are far from the unseemly stripes found in the early 2000’s. These highlights look great with any hair texture and are a perfect summer look.

Keep It Cool With Ice Grey

Ice grey, a sultry new take on platinum blonde, is another celeb favorite in 2021. If you’re not ready for summer, this hair color keeps the cold coming. Ice grey is highlighted into your hair at various intensities.

Return to Your Roots

In the opposite direction, many women are embracing their natural hues and textures. Returning back to natural hair can offer a lower maintenance lifestyle and less trips to the salon.

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