This past year has shocked everyone and thrown normal routines into a chaotic mess. With additional health concerns, masks, and social distancing, going to the salon for hair services might not have topped your list of to-dos.

However, life must go on, and businesses all over the country have implemented and perfected new procedures to counteract the spread of COVID. So that raises the question, are haircuts safe during COVID, and what’s the scoop on safety measures?

Remarkable Safety with Precautions

Here’s the deal, nothing is without risk, but companies have been hard at work creating a safe environment for their customers. By following some basic tips, everyone can enjoy an amazing salon experience and get a safer haircut during the coronavirus pandemic. You have ultimate control over what precautions you decide to take. Combine the following tips with the updated procedures businesses have already taken for optimal results.

Quick Salon Safety Tips

Always wear a mask to help minimize your exposure. You can also clean and rinse your hair before your salon appointment and opt for a haircut only to reduce the time of your visit. Following your appointment, be sure to sanitize and wash your hands. The best part is, there’s no need to compromise your look and style.

Ultimately, the Answer to Are Haircuts Safe During COVID Is That They Are

At Patrick’s Hair Design, they understand your health concerns and strive to have you looking fabulous. With updated policies to address any concerns, Patrick’s Hair Design continues to offer the hottest looks on the east coast.

With over 30 years of satisfied customers, our salon’s professionalism and expertise are on another level. If you need a style upgrade that will stun your significant other and have the office talking, call us at 410-730-1700 today or contact us online.