Thinning hair happens for a lot of reasons. You could have been born with it or suffering hair loss due to age or a medical condition.

Finding suitable hairstyles for those suffering from a less-than-full head of hair can be difficult. Take a look at these best hairstyles for thinning hair in Columbia, Maryland.

  • Stacked Bob

This trendy hairstyle looks best on older women with thin hair. It works with your natural texture to provide volume and bounce. Go a step further and give your cut dimension with blonde highlights.

  • Blunt Cut

Layers are amazing, but they don’t do a lot for thin hair if you are aiming to grow long hair. Long, thin hair looks best when it’s one length. You can build volume and dimension by choosing products that don’t weigh your hair down.

  • Perfect Pixie

Short hair is usually stronger than long hair, so if you have super fine hair, a pixie cut may be right for you. Not only are they low maintenance, they make your hair look dramatically thicker.

  • Side Part

It may be on-trend to split your part right down the middle, but it doesn’t look great on everyone. Especially if you have thin hair. All of your favorite classic starlets like Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn rocked the side-part, and looked gorgeous!

  • Ear-Tuck Bob

Find your favorite pair of earrings, because thin hair looks fabulous with an ear-tucked bob. Unlike with thicker hair, you won’t need to worry about awkward pieces of hair sticking out. Plus, this style works well with your natural hair color and texture.

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